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About us

Rosa Lee West is a stylish and unique brand founded on the wonderful family loving principles of honesty, respect, and integrity. Our team comprises of a remarkable group of not only talented, but deeply caring individuals. Together we commit to represent and demonstrate these core family values not only toward ourselves as a team, but also with you, our customer!

 Although our office is in Florida, we have a widespread warehouse and distribution network both stateside and internationally. This means, we have the capacity to serve you wherever you may be.

 If there is one thing to remember about us, is that our brand - Rosa Lee West is our future. Our reputation of delivering on our core-values with excellent customer service, is something we’re dedicated to maintaining and growing. 

 So…What YOU think about us REALLY matters! 

 It’s our job to make sure your experience when shopping with us, is TOTALLY AWESOME!. If YOU are happy, we are happy. If YOU love us, then our brand has a future.

 From the carefully selected snazzy products in our range, right through to the amazing service you’ll receive, we’re going all out to show you every step of the way just how important YOU are to us. We’re gonna take care of you.

 Then, hopefully you’ll not only regularly come back and shop with us, but also tell your friends to shop with us too ;-)